Do you want to exist on the Internet?

Is it really important to have a website?

No, if you don't want to exist on the Internet, you can continue to not have one.
If you believe that your business can self-maintain by word of mouth alone, by loyal customers, or by passing on the road, then you probably also think that a Web site is a superfluous tool. Or you might think it's pointless to invest your advertising budget in a medium over which you may not have direct control, which needs constant updates, which doesn't bring you visible results right away.

There, the problem is that even if you think so, the rest of the world doesn't think like you! We all use the Internet, even you!

So when you ask yourself whether your business really needs a Web site, try thinking about your buying patterns. Suppose you see a nice pair of shoes in the window, you're looking for a pool for your backyard, you're planning to make a new dessert for dinner. Either way, what do you do?


Being on the Web is critical.

Here, then, is the answer to the question above: whether you sell shoes, produce swimming pools or are a cook, being on the Web is crucial to your business because it makes you visible to your hypothetical clientele and because it opens up new prospects for meeting, comparing, collaborating and doing business.
No business can ignore this dynamic, from the workshop to the multinational corporation. Customers inform, compare and often buy on the Web. So it is on this field that you must play your game .

Having made this necessary premise, if anything, you will have to think about how to be on the Web. Certainly if you have a small neighborhood business, doing a corporate site will be a waste of your budget, just as, if you are a company that produces innovation, having a 10-year-old site will be counterproductive at the very least.

Then if by chance you're thinking that there's social media anyway, I'll stop you right there: in the real world would you spend on leafleting if you didn't have a physical place to offer your products?


Why do it?

  • To tell who you are and what your company does
  • To stand out from your competitors and enhance your core values
  • To provide a comprehensive and compelling overview of your products and services

How can we help you?

  • We study your company, industry and competitors and structure a digital communication strategy for you
  • We create a site aimed at achieving your business goals, one that focuses on user experience and ease of reference, with an eye toward aesthetics (if you want to learn more about the importance of Brand Identity you can take a look here)

How quickly?
The development of your business website will take 30 to 60 working days, depending on the project

How much does it cost.
Starting from 1800 €


How do we proceed?

Our working method has your corporate identity at its core, so if you decide to entrust us with the creation of your web image, here is how we will proceed:

  • During the brief phase , we focus on your business: what you do and how you work, who your typical clients are and how you dialogue with them, what are your short-, medium-, and long-term growth goals
  • During the research phase , we assess whether you already have a web presence (and if so, we try to understand what is being said online about your business) and study how your competitors are doing.
  • The strategic phase is the crucial point and our core value: we take stock of your communication methods and integrate within them a digital presence project (which is usually complex and also includes other activities in addition to the structuring of the website)
  • In the creative phase we design a layout that meets your expectations while respecting the principles of usability, responsiveness and informativeness
"Life is not about finding oneself.
Life is creating oneself."

(George Bernard Shaw)

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